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Karma Connect Onboarding

Automate onboarding with Karma Connect

Facilitate onboarding by scheduling individual Karma Connect plan for a new team member.

Settings for onboarding

In the Connect settings section there is the "Automate onboarding with Karma Connect" section. In this section, it is possible to create the onboarding card in which a user is selected and who is to be connected with. It is also possible to specify a custom description, rules, links, and so on.

After creating the onboarding card, the user will receive a corresponding message containing all the onboarding members, a custom description, rules, links, and so on. By clicking on the Connect button, a separate channel is created in which it is necessary to the connection session. The task of the user is to arrange a meeting and make it. Those users who successfully completed the connection session are marked green in the onboarding card. After making a successful connection session with all onboarding users, the user will be rewarded and receive a set amount of karma for successfully completing onboarding.

Also, there is a possibility of forced completion of the onboarding, a reminder of the onboarding and its removal.

Log into Karma web panel and enable Karma Connect on your Settings page

Karma Connect settings

On this page you can create new onboarding

The "Create new onboarding" modal window

'Choose a new person' – user choice for onboarding.
'Choose up to 10 team members to connect with' – the ability to select one or more members for onboarding.
'Custom message' – the ability to add a custom message for a specific user.

Onboarding start message that the user receives

Onboarding start message

Run the Karma Connect event using Connect button

People will be getting messages like this:

The usual Karma Connect in-chat message

And will be redirected to a secure chat room:

Karma Connect room

After the end of the connection session with all onboarding members, the user will receive the set amount of karma and the corresponding message

Onboarding finish message

You can help your team to stay connected. Enjoy!

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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