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Karma for Slack Frequently Asked Questions

How to add Karma bot to my team

The easiest would be to grab it directly from Slack app store.

How to give karma?

First, you need to invite @karma to your channel:

>`/invite @karma`

Now, karma requests from this channel will get processed by @karma.

>`@username ++ for being awesome!`

This will send a request to the moderators.

Need to cancel my account, I wasn't aware it was not free and just signed in via slack?

The only way to get charged for Karma bot is to put your CC details in when choosing a plan. In any case, you can cancel in here.

I was trying to figure out how to give more karma than regular, more point values. How to do that?

>`@ryan ++ cool`
>`@ryan 2++ cooler`
>`@ryan 5++ for being awesome`

Same goes for the channel requests (those are usually given on milestone/project completion):

>`#channelname 20++ good work, everyone!`

The latter will prompt a set of requests for all channel members.

How do I add users?

Use /invite @karma in any of the channels.

We're a charitable/educational organization is there any special plans you've got for us?

Good news! We offer a discount for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Talk to us.

I am having trouble with the username @username not appearing on the leaderboard despite having points.

Sometimes Slack API gets rather busy and lags. Please wait a minute or two for the info to propagate.

Is it possible to restrict simple users (not moderators) to request karma for other users?

Yes, please see Who can request karma.

How can I see the karma overall leaderboard, instead of quarterly?

Karma bot dashboard page has total in the main data table.

Should I send private messages to Karma bot to execute all commands?

You are not obligated to and we encourage you not to do so. Although some people may want to do so to avoid spamming work channels responses for such commands as /k help, /k rules, /k me and so one will be visible only to you. As for karma requests commands Sliday team strongly believes it is a good thing for team members to see them.

How can I see my karma?

Use /k me and /k top commands in any channel with Karma bot. To see other commands use /k help.

I type a command but there is no any response!!!

Make sure you are using a slash (not a backslash) and k. For example /k help. You can also mention @karma instead of slash syntax. This way everyone will see the bot's response.

Be careful with shortening syntax though /k shortcut command.

Is there a way to set up the categories of karma?

In order to make Karma bot recognize your own categories, we would need to create custom Machine Leaning model. This is usually possible after at least 100+ karma reasons processed. We can do that manually for you, and this usually works for larger teams/clients.

Please reach out to

Common issues with the formatting

\k help
/k help – The slash is incorrect. Use / for slash-commands on Slack.

/k top – Put /k, or @karma before top.

/k hlp
/k helphlp is not a valid command, please use help

@username +++++ is the same as @username 5++ For being awesome++ is and operator that many programmers are familiar with. It means means 'increase by 1'.

Updated on: 25/09/2020

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