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Automated rewards in Karma: gift cards integration

The feature is only available to Karma Pro customers.

In many countries, Karma bot can facilitate automated incentives via gift cards. The full list of available 300+ rewards (including charities) is available here. The gift cards are available to the following countries:

List of the countries and currencies available:

- United States (USD)
- Great Britain (GBP)
- France (EUR)
- Canada (CAD)
- Australia (AUD)

If you're an admin, please enable Rewards at Settings page, the page should look like this:

Rewards Settings

Proceed to the bottom of the page and click + Add reward button. Make sure you've selected Gift card type of the reward and have named and described it properly so people understand what they're getting.

A person would be able to get a redeemable link with the predefined monetary value attached to it. Please double-check that you've selected the correct currency and the reasonable karma amount that is within your rewards programme budget.

In the example below a team member can exchange 32 karma for a redeemable sum of 32 USD.

Add reward

The gift card reward will become immediately available onto your Karma Rewards page.

This is how Gift Card reward is displayed on the web panel

Right after the purchase, Karma bot will send a direct message to the person:

DM from Karma bot about the purchase

And a copy the same info via the email (as per Slack user info).

Sample 1 AUD card redeem email

Following this Redemption link, the team member will get redirected to a page with the ability to choose from the gift cards available to her (based on location, Country field selected in settings for this particular reward), for example:

List of available gift cards for the US

A final gift card code will arrive via email, that would look like this:

`Claim your code` email from one of the gift cards provider


Each gift card purchase would be charged as its nominal value that you have specified in rewards settings + 10% fee. The fee is a combination of Stripe fees, Tango Rewards fees, currency conversion fees.

For example, 32 USD gift card redemtion via Karma Rewards would appear as a charge of 35.20 USD on your credit card bill, KARMA BOT would be the reference that you should see. Karma bot will use the same card that you have entered in Billing, it is securely stored with Stripe.

Updated on: 30/07/2021

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