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Karma Achievements guide

Why do I need Achievements and how to configure them?

Regardless of whether your team has a well-built KPI system or a system of job grades - the Achievements can help you in daily motivation and small incentives for employees.

It often happens that approximately the same employees appear in the TOP 10 Karma score, which can demotivate the rest of the team. But you can find a large number of different reasons to highlight all team members

To set up Achievements for your team go to Settings/Achievements. There are 2 sets of Achievements available there:

Custom Achievements

By default, there are 4 custom cards with Achievements, and if you want, you can create your own variations using the built-in template.

You can also set who can give a card with custom achievements:

If you want to mark a team member for special achievements or wish someone a happy birthday, just give the appropriate card using Karma request:

System Achievements

To set up this block, turn-on the Achievements that you would like to mark your team members with.

These Achievement cards will be issued automatically if the relevant conditions are met. For example, someone received a Reward for the first time.

You can also customize the performance type of Dashboard based on Achievements and make it public to all the team (for example, publish it on the company's website).

Achievements widget on Dashboard

You can even set up the dashboard's background color to match it with the corporate colours of your company.

By installing Achievements, you can create an alternative Leaderboard for your team, where new motivated heroes will appear every day!

The full list of available auto-generated achievements is available below.

Karma Achievements list

Value champion of the week/month/year

Got the most karma for this value in the last week/month/year

First reward

Redeemed the first reward.

Shopper of the month/year

Redeemed the most rewards this month/year.

2+ weeks Karma leader

Got the most karma 2+ weeks in a row.

Top karma the group this week

Got the most karma in group team this week.

Top karma in #channel this week/month/year

Got the most karma in #channel this week/month/year.

Benefactor of the week/month

Granted the most karma this week/month.

Got first karma

Received or sent first karma.

Sent first karma

Successfully sent a karma point for the first time.


Sent karma to the largest number of different people in a month.

The best pal

Got karma from the largest number of different people in a month.

Club 10/100/1,000/1,000,000

Accumulated 10/100/1,000/1,000,000 karma overall.


Wrote a relatively long description for karma request (longer than a tweet, 280 characters).


Sent more than a single karma point in one go.

The master of ++

Sent karma using ++++++ syntax.

The most concise

Sent karma without a description.


Maxed out the daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly karma limit.

Pat on a shoulder

Sent karma to yourself.

Newbie in micro-karma

First time got micro-karma from reaction.


Got 10 reactions on your posts.

Reaction master/king

Got 100/1,000 reactions on your posts.

Updated on: 22/02/2021

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