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Automated rewards in Karma for Slack: Purchase process

The feature is only available to Karma Pro customers.

Gift cards are fully automated. A person is able to pick from the list of 300+ gift cards and get a redemption link via Slack and email. Please make sure the admins have setup such rewards in Settings > Rewards, see how to create automated rewards on Karma for Slack.

How to redeem a gift card on Karma for Slack

Type /k rewards on Slack to see the list of available rewards:

In this example, TEST is a $5 gift card

Alternatively, go to Karma Rewards page and choose a reward like 'Gift card' in the list:

Watch this video explainer on how to redeem a gift card from the web panel.

Click Redeem button.

Immediately, you will receive a message from Karma on Slack:

Redemption link in direct message from Karma on Slack

Another message, containing the same redemption link will go to the person's email address:

Redemption link in the mail

Click the Redemption link.

You will be taken to a page with the ability to choose from the gift cards available to her (based on location, Country field selected in settings for this particular reward) and value:

Choose your gift card

See list of available gift cards for the US.

Tip: You can spread your points across several cards.

Pick your card

The actual gift card Claim code will arrive via email, that would look like this:

`Claim your code` email from one of the gift cards provider

The code can be used at the vendor's site. Enjoy!

Updated on: 26/05/2021

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