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Is there a free version of Karma for Slack?

In short, yes. Karma has a limited free tier. As soon as you've installed Karma, a free 30-day trial begins for Karma Pro with all premium features available to you. Afterwards, in 30 days from the date of the initial installation, teams get automatically downgraded to free account.

You can choose to downgrade manually via Billing > Danger Zone > Downgrade button.

How to downgrade to free account

There is no free plan available on Karma for Microsoft Teams.

Free plan features and limitations

Unlimited users
Limited historical data (1 week only)
Limited, one week only, leaderboard
Mandatory description for karma requests
Text only responses, no GIFs, not images
Microkarma (tracking reactions) cannot be turned on
Low-priority support
No rewards
No automation (custom karma triggers)
No feedback (continuous anonymous surveying)
No dashboard (public page with customisable widgets)
No branding
No reactions (using Slack reactions to trigger karma)
No custom company values

Updated on: 14/12/2020

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