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Karma Connect guide: facilitate your '1-on-1's through Karma

With Karma on Slack you can effortlessly schedule regular 1-on-1 video calls based on karma use.

Log into Karma web panel and enable Karma Connect on your Settings page.

Karma Connect settings

On this page you can setup the matching mechanism:

'Stay in touch' – Connects active team members who exchanged karma points earlier.
Random – Karma will randomly connect active team members.

Define the list of people available for matching

You can choose the whole workspace
or a single channel (e.g. #karma)

Schedule the connection.

Run the test Karma Connect event using RUN KARMA CONNECT button.

People will be getting messages like this:

The usual Karma Connect in-chat message

And will be redirected to a secure chat room (see example below).

Karma Connect room

Please note:

Only the matched team members will be able to access the room (protected by Slack authenticaion).
The invitation automatically expires in 24 hours.
The longest calling time is 1 hour.
Each participant gets 1 karma after 1 minute of the joint call.

You can help your team to stay connected. Enjoy!

Updated on: 23/02/2021

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