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How can I enable karma coins team bonus that splits among the team at the end of the period on Slack?

You can enable Karma bonus in Settings > Rewards.

Log into you Karma dashboard;
Go to Settings;
Choose Rewards, enable them if they're disabled;
Choose the period: daily, weekly, quarterly, etc.;
From there you can choose from 3 types of bonuses that we provide;
Set your bonus in karma points.

Karma bonus types available

Team bonus based on karma share

Bonus is shared at the end of the period and it's based on team members' share of total karma earned during that period.

Team bonus even split

Each team member gets an even share of the bonus at the end of the period.

Personal bonus per person

At the end of the period, each team member gets an equal, predefined amount of coins.

Enable Karma bonus

Updated on: 14/12/2020

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