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Karma for Microsoft Teams

Karma for Microsoft Teams

Features explained

Karma Settings quick guide

Add Karma bot to a team

Add Karma tab

This will add a new tab - Karma bot dashboard. Once there is enough data, it will display the main karma statistics for a team.

Start rewarding your teammates with karma

To do so, head over to Conversations tab and type:
@Karma @Username ++

NOTE: You can only reward users from the team to which Karma bot is added.

You will be suggested to add a description for the karma request.

You may also choose to add a description along with the karma request, type:
@Karma @Username ++ reason for karma request

The same logic applies to karma deduction:
@Karma @Username -- reason

Based on the descriptions provided with each karma request Karma bot builds comprehensive and sophisticated user Profiles. Roll your mouse cursor over the petals to see the numbers.

By default Auto-approve mode for karma requests is OFF. You will receive a private message from Karma bot. Approve or decline karma request, edit the category.

Once approved the karma request will be posted on a team channel.


Give several karma points
@Karma @Username N++ reason (N is the number of karma points)

Give karma for multiple users
@Karma ++ reason (You will be suggested to choose between the whole team or to select members)

Team’s karma leaderboard
@Karma top

Your current karma with recent history
@Karma me

Recommendations on karma giveaways
@Karma mantra - can be changed at Chat > Karma > Settings tab > Miscellaneous

To access the dashboard, user profiles, karma stats and settings, head over to
Chat > Karma > Tabs

Updated on: 30/05/2022

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