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Karma bot user profile metrics

Full description of the metrics Karma bot utilises

Teamwork – orange petal

Together we make a good idea great. We support each other, we discuss and deliver. We stick to commitments and we ask questions to find out the answers together.

Above & Beyond – green petal

We are happy to go the extra mile to get things done. We enjoy initiative and we offer support to each other. We know what success looks like.

Goals – blue petal

Together we build a future which is aligned with what we do today. We aim high, and we keep track of our progress. We break down the impossible into sizeable chunks and we tick them off, one by one.

Reliability – red petal

We are held accountable for the result we have committed to. We understand that others depend on us, they stay up late, they put other plans on hold, and we respect each other’s time. We are dependable, and we own our work.

Communications – purple petal

We keep each other in the loop, we follow up with inquiries, we make sure everyone on is on the same page, and we know we are understood. We say how it is constructively and we welcome feedback.

Updated on: 29/05/2023

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