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How do other companies set their Karma Rewards up?

Karma Rewards Guide

Karma rewards

One of the key features of Karma is helping to unite and engage the team. Karma Rewards provides the ability to “monetize” and “materialize” the karma points received.

The Rewards module can be configured individually for each team, based on company values as a whole and the personal characteristics of specific employees. You can (and you should) come up with an unlimited variety of possible rewards or use the built-in ideas of Karma.

96 is the maximum amount of rewards a team keeps on its Karma Rewards store.

Here are a few directions and examples that have been successfully used by our team and hundreds of Karma's existing customers.

Basic facts about Karma Rewards

Business types that use Karma Rewards

Companies that use Karma Rewards

We have exported and manually categorized thousands of rewards that hundreds of teams have created.

The most popular categories of rewards are:
🎁 Goods
🏂🏽 Experiences
💰 Money
💳 Gift cards

2,975 rewards have been created by Karma users

Please find some of the findings you may find interesting below:

Types of rewards

These are the usual types of businesses, non-profit organizations and communities that benefit from using Karma Rewards module.

Goods and Experiences

This is the largest and most diverse category of awards for employees with different interests and passions to pamper themselves with.

On average, each team has 12 rewards

Groceries & Coffee, Gadgets and Restaurants are the most common in "Goods and Experience" category. Gift cards make up the overwhelming majority in their category:

Karma rewards from Goods and Experiences category

The most expensive Karma rewards

Among the most expensive rewards:
- various vehicles (e.g. cars, motorcycles, electric scooters)
- gadgets (iPhone, Raspberry Pi, laptops, etc)
- paid leisure trips and even a real puppy! 🐶

The cheapest Karma rewards

The simplest and affordable rewards:
- coffee
- sweets
- stickers
- shoutout in a populated channel
- 'team showing love' event

**Groceries & Coffee**

You can offer employees free coffee from Starbucks, Naked coffee, or any other popular coffee franchise (one-time, weekly/monthly subscriptions are popular choices). For those who do not drink coffee, you can offer tea, matcha, smoothies or another drink.

Sweets in all forms (donuts, cakes, chocolate, ice cream, macaroon, etc.) are also a very popular promotion that helps to cheer up and can be offered personally or for the whole team.

"Large pizza"

"Coffee for a week"

"Fruit bowl"

"5lb bag of gummy bears"


Lunch, dinner or breakfast at your favorite restaurant at the expense of the company.

"Dinner for 2"

"Sushi for Lunch!"

"Lunch with Partner"


Or maybe a bottle of good wine or whiskey.


"6 Pack of Craft Beer"


Sport, Health & Beauty

Proper rest is the key to productive work! You can offer employees the opportunity to go in for sports (swimming, golf, cycling), visit a spa, massage or beauty salon.

"Yoga Class"

"Relaxed Your Muscle"

"Get your nails done"

"Get an Iconic look"


Cultural education - tickets to the cinema, concert or theater.

"Theatre tickets"

"Concert ticket"

"Fancy Movie Date"

Courses & Conferences

Development is beneficial for both the employee and the company - give employees the opportunity to take a training course or attend a conference on promising topics.

"The ticket for the selected conference is paid"

"Knowledge is the best investment"


Or just buy a book: an e-book would do too.

"Book Reimbursement"

"eBook from BookDepository"


Game consoles, new wireless headphones, speakers, the latest iPhone or laptop - treasured gadget is a very motivating award!

"X marks the spot"

"Apple iPhone"

"XP-Pen drawing tablet with stylus"

Apparel & Accessories

There is also a wide field for imagination - from an office tie to cozy pajama pants for remote work.

"Cool backpack"

" RTS Hoodie"

"Socks box"


Sometimes we can do the impossible in the hope of an upcoming vacation on the seashore, in the mountains or in a bustling city with museums and other attractions - the main thing is to change the scenery.

"Couple Pass - Weekend - Beach Club"

"Travel Anywhere"


Various master classes, excursions or games will help diversify the daily routine.

"Professional PhotoShoot"

"Personal Chef Experience"


Let the gift be a surprise!

"What could it be?"

"Mystery box under $20"

Company merchandise

“I love my team” is a very popular reward in Karma and can include various customized products from the company: stickers, T-shirts, mugs, pens, laptops - all together or separately.

950000 karma coins is the highest price for a Karma Reward.

Some companies offer their own products as prizes: if you sell flowers, let your employees exchange karma for a bouquet.

"Stickers + Polo + Water Bottle + Journal Book"


Work Perks

There is always something to do in your free time, so an extra day off is a very relevant reward among users. Other variations in this category: An employee can be free on Friday from 12:00 pm, get an extra week for vacation, the ability to work from home or come to the office in jeans.

"No Dress Code Day"

"Paid Day Off"/"Friday Afternoon Off"

Group Activities

Employees can chip in and fix a little team-building activity to redeem “Pizza Party” or “Beer Party”, “Karaoke Evening”, “Bowling Competition” or may be “Escape Room” experience.

"Ice Cream Celebration"

"Jagermeister Party"

"Escape Room Experience"


An excellent option to spend the earned Karma on charity and possibly change your own destiny.

"Charitable Donation"

"Volunteer Day"

Creative & Fun

Some companies create original rewards, these are just a few:

- "Director's gift" - the Head chooses something at his pleasure and presents it to the employee;
- "Honor Breakfast/Dinner" - an employee can choose a restaurant from where they will bring food for breakfast / lunch in his honor for the whole company;
- "Pie Your Manager" - the manager gets a pie slapped into his face in front of everyone;
- "Exclusive playlist" – famous musician could write, mix, master, and produce an entire album for the employee;
- "Raffle" - it is the cheapest reward which costs 1 coin, every employee can join the raffle, redeem the reward, and get a chance to win $150 (Amazon Web Services) credit.

The Most Creative Karma Rewards

Money and Gift Cards

Gift certificates — invite your employees to choose a gift for themselves using a certificate with a fixed value on various marketplaces! In addition, it is quite easy to organize such a gift.


Sometimes money is the simplest and best gift. It is only necessary to determine the exchange rate of Karma.

"Gift card"


Tips & Tricks

Change and stay in trend

A set of prizes may vary depending on the situation and will always be relevant.

For example, in some companies during the pandemic there were such awards as “PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer” - and “Survival kit in quarantine”, which includes buckwheat and toilet paper.

Ideas for non-monetary

If you don’t currently have a significant reward budget, you can get creative and set up highly motivating non-monetary rewards. For instance:

- Manager will say "that's a great idea" to every idea pitched to her for one day
- Designer will make a custom meme that you concept in his own time
- Become a Film Festival / Projects Contest Judge
- A co-worker of your choice should declaim a poem or sing a verse of a song while standing on a chair in the middle of a room

Run a Kickstarter-like campaign

Among the proposed options and ideas, you can form your own prize fund, in which each employee will find something attractive and motivating for themselves.

This kind of reward will convert only when the goal is reached.

Admins can Force redeem a collective reward so it becomes a purchase order even if the goal has not been reached.

Three (!) bonus systems available

You can choose to set a team bonus that will be shared equally or proportionally to the karma earned by the end of selected calendar period (day, week, month, quarter, etc).

Loyalty bonus

Personal bonus per person

At the end of the period, each team member gets an equal, predefined amount of coins.

☯️ 🤨🤨🤨 → 😃☯️ 😄☯️ 😊☯️

Team bonus, even split

Each team member gets an even share of the bonus at the end of the period.

☯️☯️☯️ 🤨🤨🤨 → 🥰☯️ 😏☯️ 😎☯️

Team bonus based on karma share

Bonus is shared at the end of the period and it's based on team members' share of total karma earned during that period.

Let's say, we have a team of three people. At the end of the week, 2 of them earned 1 karma points each, and the third person got 2. The admin has set weekly bonus to 8 points.

Total karma pool: 4 points

🤨 got 1 karma = 1/4 = 25% karma share = 8 × 0.25 = 2 bonus points

😺 got 1 karma = 1/4 = 25% karma share = 8 × 0.25 = 2 bonus points

🙈 got 2 karma = 2/4 = 50% karma share = 8 × 0.5 = 4 bonus points

Bonus: ☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️

🤨(1) 😺(1) 🙈(2) → 🙂☯️☯️ 😻☯️☯️ 🐵☯️☯️☯️☯️


No matter what rewards you have invented and offered to your team, it is very important to correctly set the value of the prize, adjust the limits of the distributed Karma in accordance with budgets, and also organize the process of converting Karma coins into material goods.

It's fun to give karma! 🎇

Updated on: 06/11/2020

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