Show a reminder for inviting @karma when the new channel is created

Inviting @karma when creating a new channel is important, but not crucial.

There is a time you are creating a new channel, invite their people, start working and after a while tries to call some of Karma bot request and see no response from it. Your first thought might be: "Wow!!! it is some kind of bug", but the most likely reason is you forgot to invite Karma bot to the channel with the slack command /invite @Karma.

Thus to avoid such confusion Karma bot has a special option which will remind you about inviting it right after a new channel is created.

Chat response:

Karma bot APP [6:49 PM] 
Please invite @Karma to this channel to sprinkle some karma over here. `/invite @Karma`. Your admin can turn off these notifications here.

To turn it follow the next 3 steps.

Go to Settings via Profile menu

Go to the Notifications section

Select Show a reminder for inviting Karma bot when a new channel is created checkbox

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