API Webhook

Karma bot supports webhooks which allow you to assign karma by making outside API requests from your services.

P.S.: We enjoy using the Postman for testing such queries.

Try it within Karma bot Demo environment

Get on Karma bot Demo slack

Link: karmabot-demo.slack.com.
Login: guest@karmabot.chat
Password: Karmabot

Now, you're logged in as Guest. Keep that tab opened for now, please.

Open app.karmabot.chat/demo to login into Karma bot Demo admin panel.

Proceed to app.karmabot.chat/admin/options/api

When at API page, you will be able to generate the unique authentication token that looks like this:

Karma bot API token

User IDs for testing

You have logged in as Guest to karmabot-demo.slack.com earlier.

- Guest's user_id is U8960QXGX

To make it slightly more interesting here is another user_id from the Karma bot Demo team:

- John Romero: U88U9G4F5
- Margaret Hamilton: U8BUXAGCF
- Sid Meier: U8ASPM2JW

Channels for testing
Channel names are optional. They use plain text channel names rather than channel IDs.

- #apple: apple

Desired output

Guest (user_id: U8960QXGX) got +1(score: 1, type: ++) karma from Karma bot in #apple (channel: apple) channel, which was set to auto-approval (approve: true).

The reason for this request was set to 'Testing'. All karma requests can be tracked and moderated at Karma page.

Have fun!

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