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API Webhook

API Webhook

Karma bot supports webhooks which allow you to assign karma by making outside API requests from your services.

P.S.: We enjoy using the Postman for testing such queries.

Try it within Karma bot Demo environment

Get on Karma bot Demo slack

Password: Karmabot

Now, you're logged in as Guest. Keep that tab opened for now, please.

Open to login into Karma bot Demo admin panel.

Proceed to

When at API page, you will be able to generate the unique authentication token that looks like this:

Karma bot API token

User IDs for testing

You have logged in as Guest to earlier.

- Guest's user_id is U8960QXGX

To make it slightly more interesting here is another user_id from the Karma bot Demo team:

- John Romero: U88U9G4F5
- Margaret Hamilton: U8BUXAGCF
- Sid Meier: U8ASPM2JW

Channels for testing

Channel names are optional. They use plain text channel names rather than channel IDs.

- #apple: apple

Desired output

Guest (user_id: U8960QXGX) got +1(score: 1, type: ++) karma from Karma bot in #apple (channel: apple) channel, which was set to auto-approval (approve: true).

The reason for this request was set to 'Testing'. All karma requests can be tracked and moderated at Karma page.

Have fun!

Updated on: 30/05/2022

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