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8 April 2024

Blog posts

Fresh blog content 📚

Explore our newest blog article, "Build a Culture of Appreciation at your Workplace". It's all about fostering an environment where thanks and recognition aren't just occasional gestures but a daily vibe. Click through for the secrets to making your team feel seen, heard, and genuinely appreciated.

New features

Flexibility upgrade for team rewards 🎁

Ever wanted to tweak the value of a team reward but felt stuck after setting it? We've got you covered! Now, as long as no coins have hit the pot, you can edit the reward's price to your heart's content.

Bug fixes

Dashboard speed-up achieved! 🚀

Encountered a bit of lag on your dashboard? We did too, and it bugged us. So we rolled up our sleeves and smoothed out those performance kinks. Your dashboard experience should not be as swift as we intended. Enjoy the boost!

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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