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29 April 2024

New features

Send karma button, now on Settings page! 🆕

Ever thought it’d be handy to have a quick way to send some karma right from the settings page? We did too. So, we made it happen! Check out the new Send karma button on the Settings page for a speedy way to spread some positivity.


Birthday insights, just for you! 🎉

No more clutter! We've hidden the View all button in the ":tada: Upcoming birthdays in 7 days" block for those who don't have access to the Reports page. Now, you see only what you need to see.

Bug fixes

Roles and access system overhauled! 🔧

We've made numerous fixes to enhance the role and access system. Now, managing permissions and roles is smoother and more reliable than ever, ensuring that everyone gets exactly the access they need—no more, no less.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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