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20 May 2024

Blog posts

Fresh blog content 📚

Check out our latest blog article, "10 Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement". This insightful article is packed with practical tips and innovative ideas to help you energize your workforce. Learn how to foster a more motivated and connected team that drives your company forward.


Rewards reports, revved up 📊

We've supercharged the process of generating rewards reports. Now, pulling detailed insights on reward distributions is faster and more intuitive than ever. Get ready to analyze your rewards data with newfound speed and simplicity!

Bug fixes

Emoji alignment fixed 🎯

No more crooked emojis in the 'Achievement' and 'Company value' fields of the "Send karma" modal window. We've tweaked the alignment, so emojis now sit perfectly where they're supposed to, making your messages look as neat as they are heartfelt.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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