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13 May 2024

Blog posts

Fresh blog content 📚

Check out our latest blog article, "Engage Colleagues, Build Community". This insightful piece discusses effective strategies for fostering a vibrant community within the workplace. Learn how to enhance colleague engagement, strengthen connections, and create a supportive and collaborative environment for everyone.

New features

Enterprise solutions just a click away 🌐

Looking for more robust options? We’ve now integrated the ‘Enterprise solution’ link directly into the Pricing section of our website. Find tailored solutions for your business needs without the hassle, all in one convenient location.


Reports page, now with enhanced table 📊

We've revamped the table display on the Reports page to make your data viewing experience smoother and more intuitive. Enjoy clearer, cleaner tables that make it easier than ever to read and analyze your reports at a glance.

Bug fixes

Emoji alignment fixed 🎯

No more crooked emojis in the 'Achievement' and 'Company value' fields of the "Send karma" modal window. We've tweaked the alignment, so emojis now sit perfectly where they're supposed to, making your messages look as neat as they are heartfelt.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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