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12 February 2024


Removal of '🤖 Auto' value from 'Company Value' list 🔄

Eliminated the '🤖 Auto' option from the 'Company value' list in the "Send karma" modal window, making the selection process easier by focusing on manually selected values. When a value isn't picked, the system now auto-selects one based on the request's content.

Adjustment to cursor on "Rewards" page emojis 🖱️

Updated the cursor behavior for certain emojis on the Rewards page. The cursor will no longer change to a pointer on emojis that are not clickable, clarifying which elements are interactive.

Bug fixes

Options duplication in the "Global" settings section 🛠️

Addressed an issue where some options were duplicated in the Global settings section.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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