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1 July 2024

Blog posts

Fresh blog content 📚

Check out our latest blog article, "9 Tips to Celebrate Manufacturing Workforce". Discover practical ways to recognize and celebrate the hard work of your manufacturing team.

New features

A sleeker feed design 📰

We’ve given the feed a fresh new look to make it more streamlined. Enjoy a cleaner, more intuitive layout that’s easier to navigate and keeps you updated with what’s happening across your team.


Smoother skeleton loaders ⏳

We’ve improved the skeleton loaders in leaderboards and feeds. Enjoy a more seamless experience with smoother and better-looking loading animations.

Bug fixes

'Mandatory value' option and "Values" settings section compatibility 🛠️

Fixed the incompatibility between the enabled 'Mandatory value' option and the disabled "Values" settings section. Everything now works seamlessly together.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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